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Do you need some advice upon which Standard Stratocaster is right because of you or perhaps for buying for any friend, perhaps for any gift for your son or perhaps your daughter, or brother or sister or perhaps a family friend or business colleague?
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Fender Standard Stratocasters, that are only made in the united states of Mexico (MIM) - Fender Standard is definitely the proper name presented to a Mexican made Standard Strat. Therefore, american Standard equals MIA (made in America and Fender Standard equals MIM. Some individuals prefer to simply call them Mexican Standard which is likely a better and more accurate means of describing them. These could have manufactured in Mexico on the font from the headstock except for certain vintage models, re-issues and deluxe models. The serial number in this case will begin with MNx for your 1990's models and MZx for 2000 models, where 'x' in this instance stands for the past digit in the model year and after that you will see five or six further digits and numbers.Buy Rickenbacker 325 Jetglo Electric Guitar

Let's look at this in some greater depth, such as a serial number beginning with MN3 will likely then be considered a 1993 model and something starting MZ3 a 2003 model. These fairly typically will sell for around, give or take $390 to $450, this may include shipping to your door from online discount stores. Now and again you might stumble upon a special issue where the price is going to be higher dependant upon the color options. It really does pay to do some research first if considering purchasing one of these. If not the ears of mum and dad, stock Mexican manufactured Standard Stratocasters usually sell in the ballpark region of $250 to $325 for these used stratocasters on eBay, making them very much so, a great gift idea, one which will no doubt be cherished for many years to come as well as giving many years of great pleasure to the end user! Much depends of course on model year and overall condition.

It is true to say that time waits for no man, so if an urgent birthday gift purchase, just have a look through the broad range of stratocasters for sale to find one which you like the look of, though certainly if you are patient, you will find a real beauty in this price range. If it's a really recent model without any issues at all, it may be worth a bit more compared to figure given just now, however as mentioned, this is just a ballpark, a general guideline. You can also buy a new Standard Fender Stratocaster 2008 model shipped in your door for around $390 to $450, much depends on the color. With a few minor scratches etc, you should be able to find one at around $300, if you do not mind buying a used stratocaster.

One point worth bearing in mind is that some of the newer Mexican made models, for example the Classic Stratocaster and the Deluxe Stratocasters and also the Fender Artist Strat can be much more expensive, but a whole lot nicer too, than the Standard Stratocasters and these will rival the American models in terms of sound, feel and overall quality.


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